Beginners Guide to Small Telescopes

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Course Summary

East Valley Astronomy Club (EVAC) is offering an introductory class targeted to persons who are considering purchasing a telescope, or who have a telescope and would like to learn how to use it.  The class covers topics such as the different types of telescopes, telescope mounts, accessories and considerations for purchasing a telescope.  It also covers basic concepts useful for amateur astronomers including what to expect from your telescope, appropriate objects for viewing, understanding the night sky, planning an observing session and techniques used for locating objects.  Classes will be held via ZOOM on Tuesday evenings and will be recorded.


Labs are hands-on and involve utilization of a small telescope (Bring your own, or one will be supplied).  The intent of the labs is to ensure students are comfortable with using a telescope and to teach basic techniques used to locate and view various objects.  Labs will be scheduled for Saturday evenings.  In the event of poor weather, Sunday evening will be the fallback lab day.


Course size will be limited and will be closed once limit have been reached.

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