This Years Astronomical Events

A listing of some of the main astronomical events along with links for more information.


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Note: The dates and times provided below are for Phoenix, Arizona.  You may need to make appropriate time adjustments based on where you live.

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2017.05.18 (Thur-PM)

Jupiter Double Shadow




8:53pm – 9:42pm    Alt≈+52°

2017.05.25 (Thur-PM)

Jupiter Double Shadow




10:40pm – 12:19am   Alt≈+41°

2017.05.25 (Thur)

New Moon





2017.06.02 (Fri-AM)

Jupiter Double Shadow




00:42pm – 02:53pm    Alt≈+12°

2017.06.05 (Sat-PM)

Jupiter Double Shadow




07:21pm – 09:22pm    Alt≈+52°

2017.06.23 (Fri)

New Moon





2017.07.23 (Sun)

New Moon





2017.07.28 (Fri-PM)

Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower




Moon +35% illuminated

MoonSet = 11pm

Peak Time: 09 PM

Peak Rate (ZHR) = 20/hr

Velocity: 43 km/s

Center: RA= 22h 44m DEC= -16°

2017.08.12 (Sat-PM)

Perseids Meteor Shower




Moon -69% illuminated

MoonRise = 10:30 PM

Peak Time: 1 PM

Peak Rate (ZHR) = 90/hr

Velocity: 60 km/s

Center: RA=03h 08m DEC=+58°

2017.08.21 (Mon)

New Moon






Total Solar Eclipse








Sky & Telescope Article

Total Solar Eclipse

NOTE: Information is for Casper, WY


GPS:  :Lat: 42.7729651 Long: -106.3563407 Elev: 1,868m

Eclipse Times (Local)

  Start: 10:22am

  Max: 11:43am

  End: 1:09pm

2017.09.16 (Sat-AM)

Mars and Mercury Pairing




Peak Time 5 AM  – 6 AM

Prime  5:45 AM?

Within 0.5°

Closes just before sunrise

2017.09.19 (Tue)

New Moon





2017.10.05 (Thurs-AM)

Venus and Mars Pairing




Peak Time 4:35 AM  – 6:00 AM

Prime  5:45 AM?

Within 0.5°

Closes just before sunrise

2017.10.19 (Thur)

New Moon





2017.10.21 (Sat-AM)

Orionids Meteor Shower




Moon +6% illuminated

MoonRise = 8 AM

Peak Time: 4 AM

Peak Rate (ZHR) =20/hr

Velocity: 67km/s

Center: RA=06h 20m DEC=+16°

2017.11.13 (Mon-AM)

Venus and Jupiter Pairing




Venus and Jupiter Pairing

2017.11.18 (Sat)

New Moon





2017.11.17 (Fri-AM)

Leonids Meteor Shower




Moon 0% illuminated

MoonSet = N/A

Peak Time: 10 AM

Peak Rate (ZHR) = 20/hr

Velocity: 71 km/s

Center: RA=10h 12m DEC=+22°

2017.12.13 (Wed-AM)

Geminids Meteor Shower




Moon -6% % illuminated

MoonRise = 3 AM

Peak Time: 11 PM

Peak Rate (ZHR) = xxx/hr

Velocity: xxkm/s

Center: RA=xxh xxm DEC=xxx°

2017.11.17 (Sun)

New Moon