Green Ideas

Here we provide information on sustainable living in Arizona.  Not only can you help save the environment, but most of these ideas will save you money.  Additionally many times there are government incentives in the form of tax breaks.


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Local Movements

Resources in our local community for living greener.





ArtCentrics Garden Page

Local yard gardener and advice

Transition Network

A Transition Initiative (which could be a town, village, university or island etc) is a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction.

Fresh Off The Vine

Community garden (Friends in Gasca Gardens) in Tempe at the southeast corner of Warner and Bonarden

Rio Salado Permaculture Guild

Our Vision: To co-create a positive transition from unsustainable oil-based living to a sustainable regenerative lifestyle.  To be a part of the global Permaculture and Transition Movement creating a future of interconnectedness and peace.

Chow Locally

Chow Locally is an online marketplace for you to connect with the best local foods available. You will be amazed at the incredible variety of delicious, fresh foods your community has to offer! Discover your local farmers and ranchers, learn how they produce the foods you and your family eat, and get ready to taste the difference!

Gilbert Farmers Market

Saturdays 7am to 11am in downtown Gilbert

Open Green Map


Green Living Sites in your local community.  A map system that lets you discover green living options and businesses in your area.  Find things like farmers markets, neighborhood gardens, transportation and more.



FREE: Great idea, All stuff here is free.  If you have something you want to give or get for free, you announce it here with your crossroad information, and interested persons will contact you and coordinate a pickup.  GREAT STUFF and very LOCAL.

Culture Pass

FREE: Get passes from the library for local museums, zoos, and many other local educational destinations.

Sustainability Town Hall

Channel 8 Sustainability Channel

Chandler Public Library

The Chandler library

Phoenix Digital Library

FREE: Check out audio books, eBooks, and videos.  All you need is a valid Chandler library card






Garden and Landscape





Fruit Trees

Deciduous Fruit & Nuts for the Low Desert – Study performed by the University of Arizona


What to plant in Arizona


Great resource for fruit plants that work in AZ

Native Seeds Search

Native Seeds of the southwest – Great low water needs, and healthy


Learn about Xeriscape in Arizona

USDA - The Peoples Garden

A collaborative effort of over 400 local and national organizations all working together to establish community and school gardens across the country.


Eating Healthy





Bountiful Baskets

Get Fresh veggies and fruit for lots less, organic available also.  Lots of locations throughout the valley.

Local Farm Coop

Desert Roots Farm, Community Supported Agriculture – Buy local produce

Local Farm Coop

Superstition Farm - a Dairy and Egg Coop


Energy and Water

Provided below are links to various sites that provide information on saving water and energy.  The Federal government provides tax incentives to install solar panels, solar hot water heaters, and energy efficient house componentes (windows and doors).






Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saver - Audit your home to determine how to best save energy/money

Energy Savers Blog

The Energy Savers Blog provides a place for consumers to learn about and discuss energy efficiency and renewable technologies at home, on the road, and in the workplace.

One Block Off the Grid

Get estimate of cost of solar, and purchase with other people to get bulk discounts.

Arizona Goes Solar

Information on energy savings program here in Arizona.  This is a must-visit site if you are considering solar.

SRP Water

Water Conservation

Water Conservation in Arizona, Xeriscape and many other water conservation resources

American Solar

Business website: Solar panel sales and installation

Solar City

Business website: Solar panel sales and lease plans – If you can’t afford the large capital required to outright buy your own solar panels lease them and still save on electricity.


Business website: Water conservation devices


Rain Barrels

Business website: Large Capacity (108 gallons) rain barrels

Harvest H2O

Website has lots of information about rainwater collection

Electric Cars

Electric Cars guide


PluginCars website give information about the current plug-in cars in the US market

The EV Project

Find out how to participate in the Electric Vehicle project here in Arizona.

Efficient Windows Collaborative

Non-Profit Organization setup to help you determine how to get the best windows/doors for your house







Valley Metro

Bus and Light Rail in the Phoenix metro area

Share the Ride

Carpool in the Phoenix metro area







Project Gutenberg

FREE: eBooks of various formats - Thousands of books










Cash for your electronics, Free recycle for many electronics

Energy Circle

Energy Circle aims to be the best place for gathering the information you need on good, cost-effective energy efficient products. We'll give you the 411 on sensible, realistic and money-saving steps for your home, and provide access to the best products on the market