Astronomy Education Material

Beginners Guide to Small Telescopes

This class is targeted to new telescope owners, or persons considering purchasing a telescope.  Information needed in deciding to purchase a telescope, and how to operate a telescope will be covered in this class.  We will cover basics such as understanding the night sky, different types of telescopes, basic accessories for telescope and how to use your telescope.  This course is both an information, and hands-on class.


Hands on labs are part of this class.  If you own a telescope you will be encouraged to bring it to the lab.  Those who have not yet purchased a telescope will have a telescope provided to them (sharing with other class members).  To ensure each class member has ample hands on time on a telescope the class size will be limited.


Although we will broach the topic of photography (Astrophotography) with telescopes, it should be understood that taking photos of anything besides the moon and possibly a few planets (deep sky photography) is exponentially more complicated and expensive so we will not be covering Deep Sky photography in this class.


Presentation: How to use a Star Wheel and Binoculars

Presentation given at the East Valley Astronomy Club public Star Party 2022-09-09