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Edmund Scientific Astroscan telescope



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User Manual

This is one of the more unique designed telescopes.  Optics appear clean, but collimation is off, and this unit is not easily collimated.


Parts missing from original product:

  • Carry strap

  • Screw for carry strap

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Newtonian Rich Field Reflector

  • Objective Mirror: 4 1/4 (108mm) diameter

  • Clear Aperture: 4 1/8 (105mm) diameter

  • F Ratio: f/4.2

  • Eyepiece: 1 1/4" 28mm RKE (16x magnification)

  • Weight 8.4 lbs

Astro Fi 90mm Refractor Telescope



Image 1, 2

Telescope Manual

Telescope Basics

CPWI Software Manual

Hand Controller Manual

Complete Package (Zipped)


Unit has only been used a few times.  Excellent condition.  Requires Smartphone or pad (iOS or Android) to operate.  Pointing accuracy seems to require about 5 point alignment before getting good.


Items Included:

  • 90mm Refractor Telescope

  • Tripod stand and tray

  • Atro Fi computer controlled mount (requires Smart Phone/pad to work)

  • Battery pack

  • 2 Eyepieces (25mm & 10mm) KE (1.25" barrel)

  • 1.25" 90 degree Diagonal