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 -  Loaded with bean protein, this is a quick, tasty and nutritious meal in a tortilla!

          -  Long time favorite recipe of ours that I like to serve over penne or bow-tie pasta.

          - Very quick summer salad and great made with Armenian cucumbers. Add a little extra dried dill to garnish.

-  This was a great find in a time of need. I had so much zucchini from the garden and this recipe turned out to be a winner for us. Tasty and timely!

 -  It is time to harvest those home grown onions and this is a lovely way to use some of them.

 -  A unique side salad.

  -  You can use your fresh cilantro and jalapeno for this low calorie dish, while mangos are in season and plentiful at the market.

  -  All of the ingredients are available in the market now, if you are not growing them yourself.

  -  Really quick to make using that fresh cabbage from the garden and good for lunch or dinner.

 -  Substitute 4 grouper filets for the chicken if desired. You can use your fresh bok choy from the garden for this tasty dish.

                  Source: The New Moosewood Cookbook

                Source: Canyon Ranch Cooks - Other recipes can be found at:

                Source: Bon Appetite December 2015

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