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A number of friends and family have had questions relating to Retirement Planning, Investing and other financial oriented questions.  Here I supply some information related to various topics associated with financing.



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Your Winning Retirement Plan Book Review: Chapter 1 (2022-01-xx)


  • Chapter 1 - The Realities of Financial Planning

Compares some of the more popular planning methods to the Autopilot method using real-world historic data.



What you should know about Social Security (2021-09-19)

Things to consider and when determining what is the best age to start claiming Social Security Benefits (ie Breakeven calculations), we also discuss how benefits are taxed.  We run through a few scenarios on when to claim benefits and tax calculations in relation to Social Security



Annuities (2021-04-25)

We take a high level view of the different type of Annuities and options (riders).



Investing and Taxes (2021-02-21)

We take a more direct look at how tax considerations should help guide you in decisions on what investments should be placed in what accounts, and how taxes should be taken into consideration when withdrawing from these accounts.

Before our discussion on taxes we will have a brief discussion on possible investment opportunities due to COVID-19.  These are considered Tactical Investments.  We will also briefly discuss recent Bitcoin developments.



Asset Allocation - Part 2 (2021-02-07)

We continue our discussion on Asset Allocation  In this conversation we do a deep dive into the Asset Allocation Example spreadsheets.  We review the details of the three sample portfolios (Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive) portfolios and detail how they were created, examine how they would have performed thought the housing market crash and the recent COVID-19 pandemic correction.  We then move on to show how you can use these spreadsheets to review and adjust your portfolio and get an idea on how it would have performed during these two corrections.


It is highly recommended that you view Part 1 of this discussion before viewing Part 2.  We will be referencing the same spreadsheets that were introduced in Part 1


Asset Allocation-Part 1 (2021-01-31)

One of the keys to successful investing and retirement planing is having the appropriate Asset Allocation.  In this meeting we will discuss what Asset Allocation is and some of the factors that need to be considered when determining what allocation is appropriate for you.


Investing 101: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds (2021-01-17)

There are a myriad of options when investing your money, here we have a brief overview of CD's, Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Index Funds, Mutual Funds.


Review of Vehicles for Retirement (2020-12-27)

This is a very brief rundown of some of the various investment vehicles one should consider for securing ones retirement. Various vehicles including 401k's, 357's, IRA's Roth IRA's, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and regular investment accounts are discussed.


Using the Investment Spreadsheet (2020-12-13)

In this WebEx we review the spreadsheet I have developed for evaluating Stocks, ETFs, bond Funds and other investments that can be purchased through a brokerage account or other investment account.



NOTE: Updated spreadsheet with updated macros

[Control][Shift]Q Will rename cells for the newly defined investment.

[Control][Shift]W Will insert investment data defined for new investment.


  [Control] means to hold down the Control key

  [Shift] means hold down the Shift key